Terrasym 450


Terrasym® 450+DUST™ for Corn is designed to improve seed lubrication and seed flow during planting and deliver improved nutrient uptake, leading to robust early-season root development.
Terrasym® 450+DUST™ for Corn contains a unique strain of beneficial microbes specially selected for corn. As a broad, season-long colonizer, Terrasym 450+DUST PPFMs spread from the seed surface across a plant’s roots and leaves. PPFMs improve nutrient uptake by populating plant roots, promoting higher numbers of root tips and overall mass.

Increased Yeild

PPFM colonization throughout the growing season and increased nutrient uptake result in increased chlorophyll content and enhanced photosynthetic efficiency, contributing to yield increases.

Better Seeding Space

DUST seed lubricant creates better flow properties than talc or graphite, improving meter singulation and plant spacing

Enhanced Nutrient Intake

It shows improved leaf tissue nutrient concentration, with a +17.5% increase in iron and a +12.6% increase in manganese over an untreated control.