Essential for Early Season Growth and Development

Sulfur is a secondary nutrient that plays a critical role in crop production. It is a key component of many protein enzymes, helps regulate photosynthesis, and assists in nitrogen fixation in legume crops.

High-yielding crops require large quantity of sulfur making it essential o provide he rop with enough sulfur. Early-season sulfur deficiencies can result in slower growth and development, which may delay maturity.

Applying Taurus Sulfur in early season applications will provide the crop with much-needed sulfur and crop enhancement components, helping the crop realize its full yield potential.

Provides sulfur in the sulfate form, which is immediately available for uptake by the plant.

Excellent application flexibility: able to be applied in 2×2 side-dress or foliar applications.

Low use rate when compared to other sulfur options on the market, such as Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS)

Fueled by yield-bursting crop enhancement components that energize the plant and increase yield potential.

Taurus Sulfur Application

Crop demands for sulfur are high during reproductive stages, 46% in corn, and 85% in soybeans (see below)
Yield Burst biostimulant actives help keep the plant stress free late in the season, when grain fill is critical
Excellent compatibility with fungicides and a great fit for aerial applications.

sulfur uptake by growth stage