Unlock the plant’s ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites that enhance production through biosynthetic pathway efficiencies.

How Does Soyfx Increase Branching? Microbes contained within Soyfx manipulate the plant into activating the lower axillary buds into developing branches.

Increased Pods

Additional branching and less aborted flowers/pods help support higher pod counts.

We sampled 145 Soyfx treated plants compared to 145 non-treated plants from the same field

28% increase in pod count with the Soyfx treated plants

Increased Nodulation

Facilitative anaerobic bacteria support the production of nodules in the upper inch of soil

Independent research documented a 23% increase in nodulation with Soyfx

Nodules fix Nitrogen into a form usable by plants

Efficacy After Hail Event

Microbes within Soyfx trigger regrowth at the point of breakage rather than relying on lower axillary buds

Soyfx allows for a quicker, more aggressive recovery from a hailstorm, resulting in lower yield loss