Soy 30

Soy30 inoculant is a high-concentrate sterile liquid inoculant made from bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteria for soybeans.

The Optimal Nitrogen Solution

Soybeans require five pounds of Nitrogen to produce one bushel of grain. If you want to raise your soybean yields, your soybeans will need more Nitrogen.

Soybean inoculants convert atmospheric Nitrogen to a usable form in the soil to be used by the soybean plant.

Soy30 inoculant is the most effective and most economical nitrogen supply for soybeans.

Soy30 inoculant is specifically formulated for high-volume commercial seed treaters.

Highly active nodule-forming bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteria
Increased nitrogen supply for soybeans
Easy to apply
Stride extender available for longer compatibility with seed treatment
Made fresh, comes with a born on date

Stride is a highly refined Soybean inoculant extender adding up-to 80 days depending on usage rate. Excellent seed handling properties.

per unite adds up to 40 days to the inoculant's life on the seed

per unite adds up to 80 days to the inoculant's life on the seed

What is Azo

Azo is a sterile liquid all crop inoculant. It is made of Azospirillum brasilense bacteria.
This bacteria fixes atmospheric nitrogen and increases plant health in all plants.
Can be used on all plants
Excellent when added to inoculants
Low use rate of 2 oz/100cwt seed
Low use rate of 16 oz. per acre infurrow
7 day life on seed
Formulated for commercial seed treaters