The Synergy of Nutriquire, DUST, and Terrasym401 All in One Application. Where 2+2=5

Unleashing Microbial Power for Plant Vitality

The Power of Nutriquire Soil Inoculant is a microbial-based product intended to increase the active biomass in the soil. Nutriquire introduces microbes into the soil, resulting in improved plant vigor and nutrient cycling. Many of the bacteria in Nutriquire are spore-forming bacteria, allowing flexible mixing and application options.

Quick Start

Improves germination and early plant vigor by increasing root mass growth and building the aerobic zone in the soil.


Feeds the soil microorganisms that provide essential nutrients for plants through their productive biological processes.

Ease of Use

Can be applied directly to seed in the planter-box or pro-box simply by sprinkling over the top of the seed.

Extra Yield

A 2-year soybean trial showed an average increase of  +7 bu/A soybeans.