The Power of Humates in Nitrogen Stabilization and Plant Health

Humin and Humic humus colloids in the soil, the humate colloid can actually store urea/uan. Humic acid can stabilize Nitrogen sources to the extent that nitrates are retained for plant utilization and even several inches of rainfall cannot budge the nitrogen from the humate colloid. This stabilizing effect is only possible because of the CEC of the humin and humic acid. If uan and humic acid are not applied together, then other nutrients can crowd the humate storehouse and reduce the nitrogen storage potential.

This stabilization is a valuable gain, but there Is another benefit associated with the fusion of Nitrogen and humates. There is no longer the force feeding aspect involved in fertilization, the plant can feed from the humate storehouse when and if nitrogen is needed.  Nitrate overload is avoided, and a healthier more resistant plant is the result.