MicroNourish® is a highly compatible micronutrient package designed to improve plant health and increase yield.


• May be applied with glyphosate
• Cost-effective


• Improved quality
• Great for all crops
• Relieves plant stress
• Corrects and repairs nutrients deficiencies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix MicroNourish with other products?

Yes, MicroNourish is extremely compatible with glyphosate, herbicides, and other nutrients.

Why does MicroNourish contain humectant?

Humectant improves foliar contact by increasing absorption.

When should MicroNourish be used?

On corn, apply with glyphosate from V2-V10. On soybeans, apply with glyphosate from V6-R5.

Can MicroNourish be mixed with crop protection products?

Yes, MicroNourish is compatible with many crop protection products as a tank mix partner. The Andersons recommends a compatibility (jar) test before field mixing and application. Always read and follow all individual product labels before use. For more information, visit AndersonsPlantNutrient.com/Tank-Mix.


ApplicationUser Rate (per acre)Timing
Field & row crops; vegetablesFoliar1-2 quartsPost emergence
TurfFoliar1-3 quarts (0.75-2 ounces/1000 ft²Every 7-14 days or to correct nutrient deficiencies

Guarenteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N): 4.0%
4.0% Urea Nitrogen

Sulfur (S): 3.0%
3.0% Combined Sulfur

Boron (B): 0.25%
0.25% Water Soluble Boron

Manganese (Mn): 3.0%
3.0% Water Soluble Manganese

Zinc (Zn): 3.0%
3.0% Water Soluble Zinc

Derived from: urea, sodium borate, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate
Also contains non-plant food ingredient: citric acid

Physical Properties

pH: 1.5
Specific Gravity: 1.26 @ 68°F
Density: 10.5 lbs/gal
Salt Out: 0°F