QLF Agronomy
L-CBF 5-5-5 1S

L-CBF (Liquid Carbon Based Fertilizers) 5-5-51S™ is a complex carbon-based foliar product designed to positively impact soil biology and enhance nutrient availability. Our 5-5-5-1S works as a great base foliar package, or as a tank partner with other fertility products.

Enhanced Plant and Soil Health

L-CBF 5-5-5-1S is a source of complex carbon to aid in utilization of nutrients essential for plant reproductive growth.

Phosphorus Foliar Package

L-CBF 5-5-5-1S is a preferred source of Phosphorus and Potassium promoting reproduction, continued root growth, movement of sugars within the plant, and increased quality and yield.

Superior Consistency

L-CBF 5-5-5-1S is manufactured using a domestic grown, sugar sourced from QLF sugar cane molasses, providing a consistent based product directly from the origin to our manufacturing plants.

Lower pH

L-CBF AMINO 15™ compliments better performance of slightly acidic foliar solutions for increased cuticle penetration and maximum leaf absorption.