Generate® stimulates the native soil microbes to increase nutrient uptake for improved plant and soil health.

Versatile Soil & Plant Health

Generate® stimulates microbes in the soil for greater nutrient uptake, healthier plants and improved soil and plant health.

  • Stimulate the Microbes
    Stimulate the billions of microorganisms per acre that liberate nutrients in your soil.
  • Increase Nutrient Uptake
    Utilize more of the vital nutrients crops require to meet their genetic potential. Make the most of your inputs and maximize plant health with Generate®.
  • Improve Plant Health
    Crops treated with Generate® have greater root structure, are typically greener and are better able to withstand the effects of stress.
  • Increase Yield
    Generate® consistently increases crop yields year after year. Stimulating soil microbes results in more profit.


Generate® releases more nutrients in the soil to feed microbes which increases microbial activity and diversity for healthier soil. Generate® treated soils show improved:

  • Residue breakdown

  • Nutrient cycling

  • Beneficial microbe populations

  • Soil structure

  • Soil health

  • Nutrient utilization


Generate® utilizes Microbial Catalyst®  technology to stimulate existing microbes in the soil by unlocking enzymes that drive more efficient nutrient utilization. Our patented chemistry behind Microbial Catalyst® technology works like a key to unlock enzymes and release nutrients that would otherwise remain tied-up in the soil.

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