Fix Nitrogen all season long.

Fill the nitrogen gap in crops with Envita™

Envita™ fills the nitrogen gap in crops by providing systemic nitrogen fixation when and where it is needed the most for growth and yield. It works and we guarantee it.* 

    • Applied in-furrow or as a foliar spray, Envita provides season-long nitrogen throughout the plant, including foliage and roots. 

    • In corn, Envita consistently delivers yield increases on average between 7-10 bu/ac 

    • In soybeans, Envita consistently delivers yield increases on average between 2-4 bu/ac 

    • In many other crops, Envita provides a similar return of 2-4X of your investment 

Envita has been thoroughly tested in the United States since 2014 across states, environmental conditions, soil types and has consistently delivered yield benefits that provide strong return on investment.

* For more information on the Envita Performance Guarantee please contact us at info@envitasupport.com or call 1-877-368-4821.

Envita Performance Guarantee

We recognize that the only way for you to know how Envita will perform on your farm is for you to try it yourself. The Envita Performance Guarantee stands behind minimum yield increases on the following approved crops:

Approved Crops

Yield Increase
2.5 bu/ac
1.5 bu/ac
2.0 bu/ac
15 lbs/ac
1 bu/ac

If the Envita application does not yield the minimum yield increase on approved crops for any given field, Azotic will replace the product to the quantity used on that field.*

Conditions apply – see program terms and conditions