Tired of Graphite and Talc? Dust is an innovative product replacement for graphite/talc mix in the planter.
Dust is a new, innovative, patented product that replaces the planter’s grimy graphite/talc mix. Dust is a 100 percent renewable soy protein product.

Microscopically, it has more round shapes than graphite and talc, which are materials that are milled out of the ground. Its round shapes provide lubricity for mechanical parts in meters and relieve static friction while making your seeds flow better through your planter. You will find it clean and safe to use.


Dust is here to provide you an environmentally sound alternative for your agriculture operations that require lower static friction and dry lubrication. It is the perfect seed box treatment for your current planter or drill technology to use with any seed. If you have any questions with how Dust works with your planter or seeds, ask us.

Cleaner Solutions

Dust doesn’t leave you dirty. It is naturally formulated to be less “dusty.” Due to this, it doesn’t take to the air as willingly as graphite/talc. Dust also does not leave your hands, face, or clothing dirty. It wipes off on contact and goes where wanted: on the seed and into the furrow. No more having to clean your sensors from talc/graphite grime.


Since Dust is created entirely from US-sourced soybeans, it is renewable. Once introduced into the soil, its innovative formula is used by the soil’s naturally occurring microbes. Since it is made wholly from soy protein, within 28 days, it will disappear from the furrow and provide more green-up and early plant viability. University and proprietary research over the last seven years have proven these facts.