Commence® seed treatment leverages proprietary encapsulation technology with carbon-based polysaccharides to nourish beneficial bacteria and employs patented Microbial Catalyst® technology to boost microbial activity, thus releasing and optimizing nutrient availability in the soil for plant uptake.

Targeted Seed Treatment

Commence® seed treatment for wheat stimulates microbes in the immediate
growing environment of the seed to deliver the nutrients plants need for a
strong start. More rapid development leads to a greater root structure and
a better stand for healthier plants throughout the growing season.


Commence® seed treatment stimulates soil microbes in the immediate soil
environment where germination and early plant growth occur.


Unlock enzymatic processes that drive germination and help release more nutrients for healthier soil and plants.


Our proprietary technologies work outward from the seed and enhances the soil, driving
emergence and early plant growth.


Commence® seed treatment consistently enhances emergence and drives plant vigor. Plants that get off to a better start tend to stay ahead the entire growing season.