Avilable in ST form as well as LIF form

BOSS™ B4 ST (liquid carbon based fertilizer) is a combination of balanced crop nutrients with complex carbon sources. Feeding soil biology and enhancing plant nutrient availability.

Unleash Soil Potential with a Powerful Quartet of Beneficial Bacillus Microorganisms

BOSS™ B4 is a blend of 4 highly beneficial bacillus microorganisms: Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus pumilus and Brevibacillus laterosporous.

BOSS™ B4 comes in 2 formulations: BOSS™ B4 ST is seed applied and BOSS™ B4 LiF is liquid in furrow applied with liquid starter fertilizer.

BOSS™ B4 increases the availability of phosphorous, zinc and iron that are in your soil and unavailable to your crops

Operational Benefits

• 1 oz per 100lbs of seed use rate
• Compatible with seed applied fungicides, insecticides, and inoculants
• Convenient package sizes
• 2×2.5 gallon case treats 1280 cwt
• 15 gallon keg treats 3840 cwt
• 55 gallon drum treats 14080 cwt

Economic Benefits

• +$89/ac Soybeans
• +7 bpa BOSS™ B4 ST
• +$41/ac Corn
• +9.4 bpa BOSS™ B4 LiF

Operational Benefits

• 1 pint per acre use rate
• Compatible with liquid starter fertilizers and insecticides in pre-blends
• Grower can add at the planter
• Convenient package sizes
• 2×2.5 gallon case treats 40 acres
• 55 gallon drum treats 440 acres
• 275 gallon shuttle treats 2200 acres
• 4000 gallon bulk treats 32000 acres

Agronomic Benefits of BOSS B4

BOSS™ B4 solubilizes phosphorous(P), zinc(Zn) and iron (Fe) that are in the soil and unavailable to your crop. These elements are made unavailable in the soil by other elements; iron, aluminum, calcium. It takes many years for P, Zn, Fe to naturally break down and become available to feed your crop. Depending on the pH of your soil, up to 50% of the P applied at planting is not available. P, next to nitrogen is the most limiting nutrient for crop production. Crops use P to store and transfer energy produced by photosynthesis as well as for growth and reproduction.

Many factors affect P availability to crops. In acidic soils, P is made unavailable by iron and aluminum, in alkaline soils P is made unavailable by calcium.This is what causes your P to not be used to your crop and build up in your soil.

BOSS™ B4 rapidly creates a biofilm on the root of your crop. This biofilm is what contacts the soil and solubilizesP, Zn, and Fe. Because BOSS™ B4 grows all season long, it is increasing the availability and uptake of P, Zn, and Fe throughout the growing season. P deficiency is common in crops growing in high P soils due to P not being available.