About Us

About Us

Rooted in 25 years of agricultural expertise, Microbial Products of Wisconsin has been helping Wisconsin farmers for three years. Our family-owned business is deeply committed to sustainable practices, providing non-GMO and eco-friendly biological products statewide. Our mission is twofold: enhancing crop health and boosting yields through responsible agriculture.

We believe in the power of sustainable methods to not only improve crop productivity but also to preserve our environment for future generations. Our products are carefully selected to meet these goals, ensuring that every acre of land yields its best while maintaining ecological balance.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future in agriculture. At Microbial Products of Wisconsin, we’re more than a company; we’re a community dedicated to nurturing the land and securing a prosperous agricultural legacy for Wisconsin.

Other Services We Provide

Leaf Scanner

LeafTech On-Demand Leaf Tissue Analysis is a groundbreaking handheld device that gives users the power of a digital lab in the palm of their hand. It quickly geo-locates plants for easy access and provides detailed analytical data on a plant’s leaf tissue nutrient composition. This cutting-edge tech is an essential aid for anyone studying plant health.

  • Make decisions quicker – it removes the time delay to achieve a crop’s production potential with faster, targeted corrective actions while improving nutrient and environmental stewardship. LeafTech provides analysis in 3-5 minutes as compared to 5-7 days waiting for results from a lab.
  • Make smart decisions – accurate data points. Up-to 97% accurate as compared to lab samples.
  • Save money – this on-demand tissue analysis technology provides 30x or more site-specific data points at 3% of the cost of sending samples to a lab.
  • Save more money – reduced input cost/unit of production to improve yields and quality in your crop.

Current nutrients measured as we add more –
Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium
Sulfur – Zinc – Copper – Iron – Boron – Manganese – Magnesium – Calcium
Leaf Water Content (LWC)

Soil Sampling

Unlock the full potential of your farmland with our professional soil sampling service. By analyzing soil composition and nutrient levels, we provide you with crucial insights to optimize fertilization, enhance soil health, and boost crop yields. Our detailed soil analysis guides you in making informed, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective agricultural decisions, ensuring your land is nurtured for maximum productivity and sustainability.