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All About Microbial Products of Wisconsin

With a foundation built on over 25 years of agricultural experience, Microbial Products of Wisconsin brings a wealth of knowledge to Wisconsin’s Farming Community. As a family-owned and operated business, Microbial Products of Wisconsin’s commitment lies in providing innovative solutions and high-quality products. Our select products aim to improve agricultural practices, ensure sustainability, and ultimately enhance farm productivity. As an advocate for responsible agricultural methods, we are helping to boost crop and soil health and increase yields. Join our mission as we work towards fostering a more sustainable future for agriculture in Wisconsin.

Biological Products

Biological products contain living microorganisms like bacteria and fungi that release nutrients from raw material and plant residues in the soil, providing plants with essential nutrients.

This eco-friendly and cost-friendly process helps maintain long term soil fertility and sustainability.

  • Excellent supplement to chemical fertilizer

  • Harmless to humans and animals

  • Long term sustainability

  • Better synthesis and availability of nutrients

  • Increase Crop Productivity

Organic Fertilizer

High-quality organic fertilizers are the products of natural decomposition and are easy for plants to digest. Made from natural sources, organic fertilizers provide plants with slow-release, consistent nourishment feeding the soil, creating a sustaining environment.

Plants receive a steady supply of nutrients becoming self-sustaining and no longer depend on you for supplying synthetic fertilizers.

  • Great supplement to chemical fertilizer

  • Harmless to humans and animals

  • Long term sustainability

Suma Groulx

Healthy soil structure begins with the organic matter.  Suma Groulx contains 30 strains of soil bacteria and fungi, along with a spectrum of hand selected naturally occurring soil microbes. This will improve soil health and reduce the need for pesticides and fungicides.

The benefits extend beyond enhanced soil health to a reduced dependency on pesticides and fungicides, aligning with sustainable agriculture practices. This product contributes to nutrient cycling and biodiversity, promoting a holistic approach to soil management.

  • Minimizes reliance on pesticides and fungicides by promoting a resilient soil structure.
  • Supports biodiversity with a diverse microbial composition, contributing to a balanced soil ecosystem.
  • Aligns with sustainable agriculture, promoting long-term soil viability and overall ecosystem health.

Full Product List

Climate Max
Commence Corn
Commence Soybean
Commence Winter Wheat
L-CBF 15-0-1
L-CBF 5-5-5-1s
L-CBF 7-21-3 MKP
L-CBF Boost
L-CBF Terrafed
Natural Control
Nutriquire+Dust+Terrasym 401
Nutriquire+Dust+Terrasym 450
Procure Beans
Procure Corn
Sodium Shield
Soy 30
Suma Groulx
Suma Groulx MNB (N-Boost)
Suma Groulx MkB (K-Boost)
Suma Groulx MPB (P-Boost)
Suma Groulx MZB (Z-Boost)
Taurus Sulfur
Terrasym 401+Dust
Terrasym 450+Dust
Terraysm 450+Dust+TS201
Yield Igniter